Tuesday, September 06, 2016

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How To Get Into a New York Fashion Show

Front row at a Ralph Rucci show
Marilyn Kirschner second from left

The best advice you will ever get written by Laurie Schechter. This article has been viewed by over 350,000 users since it was first published and has just been recently updated by the publisher Ernest Schmatolla.

We all know that with hard, deceptive work and a good dose of moxie it's possible to get over on the world, at least temporarily. The New York Times  once published in "The City" section an article "No Invitation? No Problem!" revealing a whole industry of such hard workers where gate crashing is an art you can learn in a course at The Learning Annex (how New Age to offer a curriculum ranging from gate crashing to Deepak Chopra, everything you need for this life and after.)

I almost admire this kind of cleverness and drive as long as it is motivated by some true purpose: true purpose may be to serve your own career but it should also contribute something to the industry. The career gate crashers are disturbing when they only take and never give back, there for themselves and not the industry.

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