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Better Bets: Epson Digital Couture

Digital Designer Matías Hernán

Designer Matías Hernán & Model
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In his native Chile, designer Matías Hernán has garnered a loyal following with his colorful, modern designs. He was the winner of the third season of Chile’s Project Runway and serves as the personal fashion designer of several celebrity clients.

Matías Hernán sketches

Just prior to New York Fashion Week in February, Hernán joined ten other designers from North and Latin America in the Epson Digital Couture Project, an event that showcased complete collections that were created using Epson’s state of the art textile printing technology. Designers were asked to choose their designs to convey the event’s theme of “peace and harmony through fashion” The innovative new way of printing allows designers to bring their creative visions to life in an economical fashion.

Matías Hernán sketches

The printing process uses Epson’s dye sublimation technique that reproduces original prints of the highest quality using Epson’s SureColor F-Series printers. According to Lucie Milanes, director of marketing strategy and communications for Epson America, “The designs showcased are magnificent examples of how digital textile printing is having a profound impact on today’s global fashion industry.”

Final garments based on the sketches worn by the models
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Hernán’s designs seem tailor made for Epson’s dye sublimation printing, which delivers the kind of colorful results that are exemplary of his signature style. He reflects on his experience with the design process…

What is your background and does it play a major role in influencing your designs?

Matias Hernán: I work with a futuristic aesthetic and use unconventional materials with innovative techniques, such as laser cutting. All of my work has always been very digital and modern. Most of my proposals are avant-garde.

You said that using the Epson dye sublimation printing technique allows you to work with color and shape and texture in a sensational and limitless way. Can you elaborate on that and discuss what you like about the printing process?

MH: Epson dye-sublimation printing technology is so realistic, that’s what is so wonderful about it – I can print a person’s eye or even a flower. That’s the interesting part; you can play with so many designs, it’s wonderful.

Who do you see as your customer?

MH: New generations, young people, artists, musicians, and people from the advertising world. But mostly artists and musicians.

Where are your designs available for purchase?

MH: On my website: My work is very personal but you can reach me through my website. Everything is ready-to-wear.

-Rhonda Erb
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