Friday, January 29, 2016

Evening Hours by Lieba Nesis

Prabal Gurung-A Palm Beach Virgin

Prabal Gurung
Photos: Lieba Nesis

On a rainy Thursday in Palm Beach, I decided to shop on the famous Worth Avenue-you better be worth a lot of money to go to this Avenue. After Perusing St. John, Ralph Lauren and Chanel, my friend Ashley, he's a guy, suggested we check out Neiman Marcus.

Upon entering this shopping heaven I spotted a boyish Asian who looked very similar to famed designer, Prabal Gurung. Gurung, 37, is a Nepalese fashion designer who attended Parsons School of Fashion Design and launched his first eponymous collection in February 2009. In fact it was Gurung himself in white Levi jeans, a t shirt and navy blazer-looking very Palm Beach meets Soho.

Gurung models

He greeted me enthusiastically and told me this was his first time in Palm Beach (hence the title Virgin) flying in for the day to show his spring resort and pre fall collection. The pieces were very Floridian with high end construction and understated embellishments, containing lots of pastels, blue and whites and even some sequins. Gurung's models were in over-the-knee dresses and stood emotionless while DJ Lovelock spun tunes.

Gurung's collection

Prabal was also there to show his designs to the YMA scholars who attended a 100 person luncheon supporting the fashion scholarship fund. One of the attendees told me this was the first time Neiman Marcus partnered with YMA and lauded Prabal's looks because they perfectly fit the Palm Beach vibe being "modern yet elegant." Gurung is a master of his craft, dressing fashion stars ranging from Kate Middleton to Lady Gaga but was surprised by the impeccable shopping taste of his Palm Beach constituents. He looks like a kid which he attributes to religious workouts and his 8-hour-a-night sleep schedule.

Prabal was excitedly anticipating his February 14th fashion show being held at the "iconic" Moynihan station, and rushed out to catch his flight back to New York City to tend to his busy schedule. I myself had to leave, but decided to make one last stop at the Breakers to see where Sofia Vergara held her nuptials and to watch Palm Beach society gather for their latest charity gala.

- Lieba Nesis

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