Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In the Market Report by Marilyn Kirschner

LOOT: "MAD" About Jewelry

Barbara Tober
(Click images for full size views)
Photos: Annie Watt & Marilyn Kirschner

On Monday night, The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) honored cultural patron, collector, and journalist Barbara Tober at the Robert Restaurant, for her 35 years of commitment to the Museum. The gala benefit dinner kicked off Loot 2015: MAD about Jewelry, the Museum’s annual six day exhibition and sale featuring art to wear designs made by both emerging and established jewelry designers. Sponsored by Vacheron Constantin this year, Honorary Dinner Committee Chairs were Iris Apfel, Corice Arman, Susan Gutfreund, Patricia Pastor, Deborah Roberts, Malini Shah, Liz Smith, and Isabel Toledo. The LOOT Chairman is Michele Cohen.

Curator Bryna Pomp 

From 4pm – 8pm, there was a cocktail party, preview, and sale of the one of a kind artist made jewelry on the third floor for patrons (the artists were on hand which made it all the more interesting and fun). Guests, including Loot curator Bryna Pomp, Ms. Tober, Adrienne and Gianluigi Vittadini, Jean Shafiroff, Dr. Susan Krysiewicz, Beth Rudin De Woody, Nicole Di Cocco, and Fe Fendi, were asked to wear their most festive jewelry and many took this to heart. Including moi (not that I need an excuse: for me, the bolder the better!).

Eteri Chkadua   

Which is why I was drawn to one of the few women wearing a necklace bigger, bolder and more out there than mine. As it turned out, Russian (Georgian) born Eteri Chkadua, (who is a “serious” artist) was wearing a neon necklace made by her inventor brother, Gocha. They are collaborators, and it’s part of a patent pending collection of environmentally correct, moderately priced (most are $75) colorful, multipurpose accessories with a slightly alien flower shape, all made in the US of flexible rubber (the line is called LuvBomb by Gocha, ( It perfectly illustrates the game changing power of accessories to instantly transform the simplest clothing, and its ability to amuse and put a smile on one’s face. Something to keep in mind since we seem to be at a time where the fashion pendulum is swinging back to a more decorative, more colorful, more whimsical faze (everyone appears to be taking their cues from Iris Apfel, a woman for whom more is always more.)

Danielle Gori-Montanelli

Speaking of the ageless fashion icon, not only was she an honorary Dinner Committee Chair, her face showed up at the preview, in the form of one of Danielle Gori-Montanelli’s brooches. The Washington DC born artist, who works and lives in Vermont, was there with her line of colorful and fanciful felt jewelry (, and the standouts were the necklaces and especially, the brooches, which include crayola crayons, pencils, avocados, all sort licorice, and a group spelled out as “Oy.” (This instantly put a smile on my face). FYI, Danielle will be setting up shop at the Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair which runs from November 16 – December 24th. Quite frankly, given the size of her pieces, and her popular prices ($15 - $475), I can’t think of anything that would make better stocking stuffers.

Veronica Guiduzzi with her Unconventional Objects

Other fun, colorful, statement making, and comparatively inexpensive lines that caught my eye: Veronica Guiduzzi’s Unconventional Objects, which specializes in unique necklaces made of unusual, natural materials such as onion skin and flower petals;

Melanie Tomlinson's metal nature themed brooches 

Melanie Tomlinson’s ( nature themed (butterflies, birds, dragonflies, moths, beetles) rings and brooches made of metal; Annemieke Broenink’s rubber jewelry inspired by traditional lace neckpieces worn in the 1700’s (

Jacques Jarrige  

Because I love sophisticated gold sculptural pieces, I was also drawn to Jacques Jarrige’s display (this is the French sculptor’s first line of jewelry). Made of gold plated silver or gold plated brass, the sculptural rings, bracelets, and necklaces (which range in price from about $500 - $900) are so good looking and versatile, when you don’t want to wear them, you can simply display them. By the way, his pieces are on display and for sale, at the Valerie Goodman Gallery, 315 East 91st street,, 212 348 2968.

Monies' US Representative Joyce Williams

Last but not least, there was the iconic Danish jewelry company, Monies, ( founded by goldsmiths Gerda and Nikolai Monies 40 years ago (US Representative Joyce Williams, wearing a few of their necklaces, was on hand). One look at the installation, featuring their iconic bold, statement making hand crafted necklaces and bracelets, played out primarily in black and gold (with a decidedly tribal feeling), I had no problem seeing why they have long inspired Donna Karan, among others.

- Marilyn Kirschner

Friday, September 25, 2015

New York Evening Hours with Lieba Nesis: The Philharmonic's 2015 Opening Gala

David Geffen Gets His Hall

All photos Lieba Nesis

The Philharmonic held its annual gala celebrating its 174th season at the newly renamed David Geffen Hall. Geffen who recently donated $100 million towards the $500 million renovation was there for the earlier inaugural ceremony where they unveiled the new sign which replaces "Avery Fisher Hall" with "David Geffen Hall." In order to get this approved, Lincoln Center had to give the Fisher family $15 million of their money back and promise David Geffen to keep his name for perpetuity. Mr. Geffen who is worth an estimated $6.9 billion has given charity to many organizations including a $200 million gift to U.C.L.A School of Medicine in 2002.

Bob Iger chairman and CEO of Disney & Graydon Carter

It is highly paradoxical that the man who launched the careers of rock bands such as Guns N' Roses and Nirvana, chose to donate his money to a classical music hall. To celebrate this momentous event Geffen had some of his nearest and dearest friends attend including: Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King, George Lucas and Mellody Hobson, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg, John Paulson, Bob Iger, Graydon Carter, Steve Martin, Henry Kravis, Margo and James Nederlander and so many more. It was also announced at the event that the Philharmonic was receiving the largest individual donation in its history: a $25 million gift from financier Oscar and his wife Didi Schafer.

Billionaire businessman John Paulson & Chair of  Lincoln Center
Katherine Farley

The concert which began at 7:30 pm was telecast on "Live From Lincoln Center" and the excitement of the crowd was palpable. It was evident this was a group of classical music connoisseurs who were also there to mark the appointment of Frank Huang as the New York Philharmonic's new Concertmaster-and the first Asian to hold this post. The concertmaster is the musical liaison between the orchestra and conductor and Huang is the perfect choice as he is a violinist and teacher and has won several international music competitions. Speaking of amazing Asians, Lang Lang was the featured pianist who performed Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor with conductor Alan Gilbert for the first movement. I had the privilege of meeting Lang Lang a year ago where he told me of his love for fashion with his favorite designers being Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani.

George Lucas & Mellody Hobson in Valentino

However, seeing him perform for the first time was breathtaking. Lang's slowed down version of Grieg's concerto was as moving as the ecstatic expression that donned his face. His one-handed piano playing coupled with his emotive expressions was as exhilarating as classical music gets. He is a rock star in Mozart's clothing as evidenced by his global superstar status. At the end of his performance he received a standing ovation and loud applause and he took one leaf from the group of flowers he was given to the delight of the audience. He is a showman par excellence and a prodigious talent winning first place at the Shenyang Piano Competition at the age of five. Lang Lang has set up an international music foundation to inspire young musicians and continues to perform for disadvantaged rural communities.

After Lang left the stage there was a bit of an anticlimactic energy; however, the orchestra's rendition of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 was exciting and dynamic. The women cellists and violinists were wearing gowns in hues of red, purple, and gold-a welcome change from the often drab attire of musicians. However, the gold curtain behind these lovely musicians was a bit too garish and bordello-like cheapening the beauty of the majestic hall-an addition which I am hoping was created only for this evening. At the end of the performance, which lasted about an hour and a half, guests headed to the tent in Damrosch Park to enjoy dinner.

Alec Baldwin in Tom Ford and Hilaria Baldwin
wearing Carmen Marc Valvo

Alec Baldwin in a Tom Ford tuxedo accompanied wife Hilaria, who looked great in a Carmen Marc Valvo design. I admire Alec for the attention he pays to his wife's grooming always rattling off the names of the designers who create his wife's hair, bag and dress. Another devoted husband, George Lucas, was svelte and dapper in a black suit and tie. He clung to his wife, businesswoman Mellody Hobson, who shone in a floral Valentino gown. As the evening concluded, I headed to the Polo Lounge to meet some friends and discuss the enchanting evening we had just experienced.

- Lieba Nesis

Better Bets

NEXTPERT’s Katlean DeMonchy and styleXtech NYFW SS 2016

Katlean and the Bachelorette (photo courtesy of NEXTPERT)

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 saw the return of the NEXTPERT ‘s styleXtech Mobile Lounge. For the second season, members of the press and celebrities boarded New York’s The Ride tour buses for a crash course in some of the latest “must have” technology products, while being transported between fashion show venues. The Mobile Lounge is the brainchild of NEXTPERT’s founder, Katlean DeMonchy, a self described “brand marketing evangelist”.  DeMonchy also hosted a Demo lounge, during Fashion Week, at New York’s Studio 450, where guests could try out a larger number of innovative technology finds, while enjoying cocktails.

 Project Runway's Joshua Mckinley and Anthony Ryan Auld
on the Mobile Lounge with the Brother Dream Machine.
Photo: Rhonda Erb

Katlean gives insight into how she made Nextpert bigger and better for NYFWSS 2016.

This is your second season doing the Mobile Lounge on The Ride during New York Fashion Week. It is certainly a unique concept. How did you come up with it?

Our lifestyle is mobile, fluid and ever changing. I did a fashion segment for E! News Daily on a bus that had 43 TV screens and I thought wow this is so immersive and fun. New Yorkers are on the go trying to take advantage of every second so why not transport editors from one show to another all while showcasing new innovations in the tech space that are having an impact on fashion.

Were there any unique challenges this season?

Challenges are opportunities in disguise.  The bus cannot park everywhere so we were unable to be directly in front of the shows.  It's also challenging to keep on an exact schedule with the traffic in NYC being unpredictable. The experience is immersive.  When Countess Luann de Lesseps came on and shared her new jewelry line, the bloggers got an exclusive first hand look. They tweeted and posted on Instagrams looks from her collection and they had fun!  We know they are thinking of the NEXTPERT styleXtech lounge as its own stand-alone experience rather than as mere transportation between shows.

Katlean & guests at the Tech Demo Lounge

Who was on board and how do you choose the products that are featured?

We had stylists, editors and bloggers on board. We travel globally to look at the new and the next in this space. I am curious by nature and love innovation that pushes things forward. It takes courage to look at things in a new way and it's truly a magical experience when that new idea works and moves us forward. I am honored to be a part of that process and conversation. I selected products where technology is changing and creating new opportunities for a category.

The Tech Demo Lounge showcased an even larger selection of products than last season. Were there any products that really stood out in particular for you?

The Brother Dream Machine

Every product stood out for its own unique reasons. I am a busy working mom who likes to dress well. One of my biggest frustrations is how much time I spend steaming wrinkles and refreshing my clothes and I really don't love the chemicals at the dry cleaners. The LG Styler really speaks to me personally as I would rather spend time working out than refreshing clothes.

How many times have you wanted to find a nail polish or a lipstick to match your clothes now you can through the new app called ShadeScout. Augmented reality is a technology that is coming of age, I have been watching it for about 5 years so it's exciting to see it in applications, like ShadeScout, that are really relevant. I remember when I was in home economics class and the sewing machine we had didn't do much.

LG Styler

Seeing how the newest sewing machines from Brother have LCD screens that allow you to download patterns so you can embroider like a pro is really cool. They also have a printer that allows young designers like Project Runway All Stars Season 2 Winner, Anthony Ryan Auld to create a print in his mind, crowd source and see if people want to buy and then actually deliver the next day. That's a radical paradigm shift for business and it’s exciting to see this happening and to be a part of that conversation.

- Rhonda Erb
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New York Evening Hours with Lieba Nesis: The Metropolitan Opera Gala 2015

Billionaires Meet Celebrities

Bartlett Sher Director of the Opera & Patricia Clarkson
(wearing Alberta Ferretti)
All photos Lieba Nesis
(Click images for full size views)

The Metropolitan Opera held its opening night premiere of "Otello" at the Metropolitan Opera House last night.  Peter Gelb, the general manager, always manages to attract the who's who of New York society but this year he outdid himself.  As I entered the cocktail hour at 5:30 pm I bumped into my law professor Alan Dershowitz which prepared me for the diverse and ohmigod crowd I would soon encounter.

Helena Cramm ( wearing Valentino), Mercedes Bass (in Oscar de la Renta)
& Princess Sophie Habsburg (wearing Valentino)

As the ladies in gowns kept streaming in I spotted so many socialites including Mercedes Bass, Stacey Bronfman, Princess Sophie Habsburg, Julie Macklowe, Georgette Mosbacher and others that my eyes became blurry from their blinding jewels.

Billionaires - Pepe and Emilia Fanjul (wearing Carolina Herrera)

Then there were the billionaires who humbly tried to maintain a low profile but to no avail I found them anyway including: Emilia and Pepe Fanjul from the sugar dynasty; Barry Diller from the media conglomerate; Leonard Lauder from the cosmetics empire; Alexander Soros from the Soros hedge fund; and many other titans in every industry.

Left: Bette Midler; Center Drew Barrymore; Right Jill Hennessy

Just when my eyes were losing interest in popped in the hardest crowd to attract-the celebrities-and they showed up in abundance including: Drew Barrymore, Dame Helen Mirren, Jessica Chastain, Gina Gershon, Alexander Skarsgard, Brooke Shields, Jill Hennessy, Ellen Burstyn, Bette Midler, Dylan McDermott, and Dermot Mulroney. I feel obliged to commend a few celebrities on their friendly demeanor and fashionable attire.

Taylor Hackford & Helen Mirren (wearing Dolce and Gabbana)
with Eric Motley

Firstly, Helen Mirren, a consistent fashion stunner, looked splendid in a Dolce and Gabbana dress with a Hudson Bay scarf. She is self deprecating and witty and said two of her favorite designers are Badgley Mischka and Dolce and Gabbana. Mirren, was accompanied by husband Taylor Hackford, who is an American film director and quite handsome. The "Dame" always looks delicious and sexy, while still appearing age appropriate and classy-hats off to Mirren.

Jessica Chastain in Elie Saab

Similarly, Jessica Chastain, is a fashion standout, and tonight was no different as she graced the event in a lace Elie Saab pantsuit. Chastain is so gracious and patient it was hard to believe she is an Academy Award nominee. As usual, her hair was perfection in a loose hanging bob and her smile dazzled all who were fortunate to encounter her.

 Ellen Burstyn

Ellen Burstyn, an Academy award winner, similarly stood out in a lovely gold pants outfit created by Zonda Nellis, and kept a low and dignified profile. Burstyn is old style Hollywood and she never lets you forget it. Some more Hollywood royalty included Patricia Clarkson in a beautiful green and gold over-the-knee Alberta Ferretti dress who said that her current career ascendancy is an "about time" as she recently turned 55. Another Hollywood class act who has maintained career longevity is the radiant Jill Hennessy who looked svelte and sinewy which she told me was due to her regular yoga habit and carrying her children. Hennessy is launching a solo singing career and will be performing next week in New York City.

Alexander Skarsgard

Now last but certainly not least on my celebrity "hits list" is Alexander Skarsgard - he is an absolute stunner. At 6 feet 4 inches he is every bit the male superstar and he carries himself with the elegance of royalty. Moreover, he is kind, approachable and humble and I was tempted to ask his marital status. I watched him all night sitting, standing, thinking and not once did he lose his regalness - he is James Dean territory.

Brooke Shields & Michele Hensler (wearing Carmen Marc Valvo) &
 Beejan Land (wearing Tom Ford )

After I stopped sweating, I tried to enjoy the opera which was three and a half hours long. I am no opera aficionado but I found it odd that they chose "Otello" for opening night when there are so few recognizable arias-at least for novices like myself.

Left: Isabelle Junot (in Carmen Marc Valvo) & Capucine (in Dolce and Gabbana)'
Center: Camilla Staerk & Helena Christensen; Right: Juju Chang & husband Neil Shapiro

Tenors Aleksandrs Antonenko and Sonya Yoncheva did a wonderful job, as far as my ears could tell, but I was underwhelmed by the sets and costumes - especially for an opening night. However, the opera has been scaling down on its productions due to its precarious financial position so kudos to Peter Gelb for reigning in his usual extravagance.

Actress Maggie Q & actor Dylan McDermott

At the conclusion of the opera, the audience reacted enthusiastically with a standing ovation and rowdy hollers and a select few headed into the accompanying tent for a wonderful dinner. The grand tent was inviting and elegant with shades of pink, gold and silver adorning the tables.

Dee Dee Benkie, Paul Sorvino with lead opera
singer Sonya Yoncheva

The tables were arranged according to prominence with the first large table containing mostly celebrities and publicity powerhouses such as Andrew Saffir. The next large table consisted of the opera director, costume designer and tenors.

Alex Soros son of George & model Alina Baikova

The rest of the tables were smaller and less assuming and contained "regular folks" akin to Diller and Lauder. As the clock struck midnight the crowd emptied out with only a few remaining to savor the uniqueness of the night; I was one of those trying to prolong the magic of a wonderful evening.

- Lieba Nesis

Monday, September 21, 2015

New York Fashion Cool-Aid by Laurel Marcus: The Emmy Awards

"I wish it were warmer" said no one ever to Guiliana Rancic during the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards "E! Live On The Red Carpet" show occurring during a 100 degree heat wave. A still skeletal but more focused Rancic gamely charged on with #AskHerMore as she made a serious comeback substituting the Stiletto-Cam for the much maligned ManiCam. For a city that touts its perfect year-round climate as a major selling point there always seems to be some extreme of weather accompanying its awards shows. Since those in LaLa Land have put in the effort to turn it out in under less than ideal conditions I feel it fitting to bestow my own awards of distinction, both good and bad, to reward or punish their efforts.

Left: Helen McCrory, Center: Jamie Alexander, Right: Lena Headey
Click images for larger views
(Photos: Getty Images,,

Starting on a positive note, my favorites were two English roses: Lena Headey in Zuhair Murad and Helen McCrory in a strapless floral number which looks a bit like ODLR but probably isn't and a South Carolinian: Jaimie Alexander in striped technicolor Armani Prive, who I understand is going through ink removal and thought it best to cover things up. BTW I tend to like color on the red carpet and may still be under the influence of the MTV Music Awards so I totally understand if these are not your faves.

Mindy Kaling & Claire Danes

My most improved from last year's award show circuit are Claire Danes in a red and blue sequin striped Prada that read purple on camera with bold silver shoulder and side chains and Mindy Kaling in a tangerine short sleeved number with a train which fit her perfectly.

Kiernan Shipka & Joanna Newsom

The award for Most Fashion Forward dress is a tie between Joanna Newsom in pink bibbed Delpozo and Kiernan Shipka who tried unsuccessfully to channel Emma Watson with a Dior dress over black pants outfit.

Left: Tracee Ellis Ross; Center: Gina Rodriquez; Right: Anna Chlumsky

Most prom or Quincenera bound were Tracee Ellis Ross (prom) and Gina Rodriguez (Quincenera). Also not sure what Anna Chlumsky was thinking...

Julianne Hough

Trying to do the Gwyneth Goth thing was Julianne Hough in Marchesa's first dress on the spring summer runway. On the plus side, at least you can't see her boobs through it.

Maggie Gyllenhaal & Elizabeth Moss

Best Oscar at the Emmys: Maggie Gyllenhaal (I would also include her in the most improved category). Her competition in this category: Elizabeth Moss in a strapless pink OdlR gown.

Samira Wiley & Mindy Kaling

Best solid vivid color winner is Samira Wiley in a beautiful one shouldered hot pink number, although I would also give Mindy Kaling an honorable mention for this title.

Naomi Watts

Most disappointing from last award season would be Naomi Watts in a sad looking tea length Dior, not up to her usual sartorial splendor.

Maisie Williams & Alan Cumming

Best and worst footwear (at least that could be seen): furry white sandals worn by Maisie Williams and Alan Cumming's black crocs which he wore with a suit and umbrella.

Kerr Washington and Ellie Kemper

Most Direct off SS2016 Runway winner is Kerry Washington in silver mesh Marc Jacobs. Ellie Kemper in multi-colored Naeem Khan also ran in that category.

Big Bird & Heidi Klum

Most Ridiculous Dress From Someone Who Should Know Better: Heidi Klum's Big Bird walks into the workroom at Project Runway and gets attacked by pinking shears Atelier Versace get-up.

- Laurel Marcus

Saturday, September 19, 2015

New York Fashion Cool-Aid / Better Bets

 FGI Celebrates 85 Years

Margaret Hayes
(Photos: Laurel Marcus)

To cap off fashion week and celebrate their 85th anniversary, Fashion Group International held a cocktail party on the rooftop of the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square. The event was a fitting end to New York fashion week. "I'm not 85!" President of FGI Margaret Hayes was quick to announce to the major designers as well as other perhaps less known members who were present.

Mary Lou Luther and Ralph Rucci

Look at me -- I'm just having drinks on the roof with a few of the industry's legendary and key players, I told myself as did a few other star struck younger members that I spoke with. Fashion gods and goddesses including Ralph Rucci, Carolina Herrera, Norma Kamali, Stan Herman, Isabel and Ruben Toledo, Jeffrey Banks, Wes Gordon, Misha Nonoo and Nina Garcia, as well as plenty of important fashion executives such as Rosemary Bravo were in "da house."

Rose Marie Bravo

Chairman Donald J. Luftus spoke of the forming of FGI in 1930 with founding members including Elizabeth Arden, Margaret Case, Eleanor Roosevelt, Helena Rubinstein, Lilly Dache, Nan Duskin, Virginia Pope, Edith Head, Carmel Snow and several others who he called the "Fashion Nuns."

Norma Kamali

He mentioned that Case and Poke created the first fashion shows, while Snow, the "founding mother of Harper's Bazaar" gave the organization their second office space after the relocation from Louis Fairchild's Women's Wear Daily building on East 12th Street. In 1934, the move to 30 Rockefeller Center was accomplished using funds raised through a "Fashion Follies" member talent show lampooning the fashion industry. Today the organization consists of 5,000 men and women and has chapters worldwide. There were brief speeches by Carolina Herrera, Ralph Rucci, Rose Marie Bravo, Norma Kamali, Isabel Toledo, and Nina Garcia who all praised Margaret's ability as a visionary who "keeps things moving forward."

"A roof with a view..."

The evening was truly magical as the weather was perfect, the view amazing and the company legendary. Conversations ranged from those reminiscing over old times to those exchanging business cards and forging new connections.

Cheers to the next 85 years with FGI!

- Laurel Marcus

Better Bets
On and Off The Runway

Paul Frank Circus Jumble

Photo courtesy of Paul Frank Industries

Parents and children, including many celebrity moms and their offspring, crowded into the Hudson Mercantile on the first night of New York Fashion Week for a presentation and runway show of the Paul Frank Industries Circus Jumble Collection. In addition to previewing the Spring/Summer 2016 children’s collection, attendees were treated to sweet treats and performances by stilt walkers, hula hoopers and aerialists, as well as a DJ and circus games.

The collection featured bright pops of color as well as shiny metallics and geometric and animal prints. Notable moms in attendance included Rachel Zoe and Coco Rocha.

Yeohlee’s Playful Geometry

Photo: Rhonda Erb

The Spring 2016 collection of Malaysian designer Yeohlee Teng consisted of deceptively simple looks (basic coats and dresses, slim skirts, plain blouses) in neutral tones and blue and white. Fabrics ranged from natural silks and cottons to polyester and polyurethane. Upon closer observation, Yeohlee’s preoccupation with mathematical precision can be seen in the “6”x6” square pockets on a coat” or the 36”x36”x6” platform that the models stood on for the showing in her 29th Street store. After the show, Yeohlee and her team gathered in front of her store and posed for a celebratory photo, which the designer called “a great photo to have”.

Malan Bretan’s NYFW Wrap Party

Photo: Rhonda Erb

On the evening of September 15th, a variety of fashionistas mingled with celebrities at New York City’s Hudson Hotel at Malan Breton’s NYFW Wrap party to benefit Sound Affects, a charitable organization to fight cancer. The designer auctioned off two of his gowns in support of the organization, including the finale gown from his Spring/Summer 2016 show. The auction of the gowns and other items raised more than $10,000 dollars for Sound Effects. Celebrity guests included Sonja Morgan, Maye Musk, Farrah Krenek and Randy Jackson’s newest artist, Wil, who performed at the event.

Desigual Celebrates The Ever Changing Faces OF Women

Photo: Courtesy Desigual

Barcelona based Desigual always brings a touch of lighthearted fun to their runway shows. The brand’s Spring 2016 collection draws inspiration from the many facets of the free spirited modern woman.  Working with stylist Misha Janette and artist Lauro Samblas the runway styles feature playful layered ensembles, oversize blouses and midi skirts. Whimsical print dresses are paired with jumpers as turbans and bold accessories complete the looks. Famous faces in the audience included Laverne Cox, Karolina Kurkova, Nigel Barker and Iris Apfel.

- Rhonda Erb