Saturday, September 06, 2014

New York Fashion Week Notes

“Tennis, Everyone”?!

New York fashion week street style

It’s not exactly newsworthy to report that the beginning of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for Spring 2015 has coincided with the U.S. Open. (That’s been a scheduling fact of life for years now). What IS new, is that with the inundation of, and across the board acceptance of flats, especially athletic footwear, and the elevation of sneakers into the ‘heights’ of fashion, many well-dressed show goers, have traded in (if just temporarily) their towering high heels for lace up, rubber soled wonders, and have opted for a sporty look, and as such, look as though they could have literally stepped off the tennis courts in Flushing Meadow.

Serena Williams in leopard printed tennis dress
(Photo: Reuters)

If you think the only big difference in their attire is that the tennis players’ skirts are briefer, think again (abbreviated minis have hardly disappeared and in some cases, the skirts are so short, they could easily be mistaken for tennis dresses). Plus, there is a growing trend for tennis clothes to look more and more like ready-to-wear, especially at the U.S. Open, where there is no strict dress code. Thus, we saw Serena Williams wearing her leopard printed tennis dresses, and Maria Sharapova in a black tennis dress that could have passed for a chic mini lbd. At the same time, in an effort to keep cool in the early September heat, I’ve spotted more than a few smart show attendees in the last few days, opting for crisp, cool, all white ensembles, and some of those have gone a step further and accessorized with white tennis shoes.

Marilyn Kirschner photographed by Phil Oh

For the last two days, I’ve been wearing sneakers to the shows: my trusty unisex Chuck Taylor Converse high tops in red that I’ve had for years but really started enjoying (they add a great pop of color to black and white), and my newly acquired graphic black and white zig zag patterned Vans (both available at, and I must say, I don’t want to take them off as they are so comfortable, and they enable me to walk and run for taxis, busses, subways, etc. at breakneck speed. Coincidentally, last year, I broke my toe on the first day of fashion week and I not only had a problem getting around, but fitting my swollen foot even into most of my shoes, including my ballet flats (I was not thinking about wearing sneakers as an option then).

 Tommy Ton photographs the street style at the shows

In any event, I can honestly say that if I’ve been cross or angry at all these last few days, it’s not because my feet hurt. Talk about happy feet. Maybe more women would smile if their feet didn’t hurt so much. This is especially true of the fashion flock, a group that includes some of the most grumpy, sullen people around, many of whom never seem to break a smile, and take themselves way too seriously. To them, I would say, “Oh, grow up!” to paraphrase the late great Joan Rivers, a one of a kind ground breaker, brilliant business woman, and brilliant comedian who told it like it was, and truly believed making someone laugh was like giving them a vacation. She will be missed.

- Marilyn Kirschner

The Daily Bet 9-6-2014 by Rhonda Erb

 Le Meridien Éclair

You have had your share of macarons and cupcakes, now it is time for éclairs to have their moment.  James Beard nominated pastry chef, TV personality and cookbook author, Johnny Iuzzini has created eight signature éclair recipes for the Éclair programme at Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts.  The recipes are inspired by his travels to Le Méridien hotels around the world, in each case, reflecting a taste of the local culture.  The éclairs are both sweet and savory, such as the Texas Honey Pecan Éclair in Dallas or the Goat Cheese Cranberry and Pumpernickel Crumb Éclair in Germany.  So get ready to experience the éclair as you never have before.

Available at Le Méridien Hotels Worldwide

Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Spice Flavored Milano Cookies

The Milano cookie has long been one of America’s favorite sweet indulgences.  Just in time for fall, Pepperidge Farm has added a new twist to this elegant chocolate filled cookie treat, with a layer of pumpkin spice.  After school snacking just got a little sweeter.

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