Friday, January 24, 2014

Olympic Fashions: America the Tacky?

The  United States Sochi Olympic uniforms were just debuted in the press and I'm still shaking my head.  Did Ralph Lauren seriously want to emulate the ugly Christmas sweater vibe or is this just something I'm mistakenly picking up on?  After the London 2012 Olympics uniform debacle (they were made in China, oops!) I think Mr. Lauren perhaps overcompensated with the stars and stripes and red, white and blue forever (in your face, that is)!

  It's a great thing to be patriotic but must it scream tacky holiday pullover?  Ralph is known for his classy, aristocratic, old money attitude, or at least the main floor of his Madison Avenue Mansion and Purple Label is purporting to lean that way.  On the upper floors one can find the more pedestrian RLX brand of sport and workout clothing which has featured neon colors as well as flag prints, however they are generally done in a less garish way.  Is the Olympics really the place to make this anti-fashion statement and perhaps brand the USA as the winner of the downhill when it comes to ugly garments?

- Laurel Marcus


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