Monday, May 27, 2013

A New Column by Lieba Nesis

Profiles in Fashion: Jean Shafiroff

I am starting a new column devoted to women of style. In the initial stages of my column, I will profile society ladies who pursue philanthropic endeavors but are also fashion standouts. I will be covering their hectic lifestyles, interesting fashion choices and philanthropic endeavors. I always was curious as to what designers these ladies wear, who their fashion icons are, and what type of effort they make in getting dressed.

Eventually, I would like to expand the column to include entertainment figures, fashion leaders and those who astound with their brave and interesting sartorial garb. Some have the means to purchase couture while others have the creativity to look like they purchase couture; both of these prototypes are interesting subjects. The column will explore the ideology behind getting dressed. As a woman, I know how clothing mirrors my attitude, mood and disposition. I will be exploring this phenomenon with the personalities I write about.

This is a column about that small segment of society that likes to make a statement with the clothing they choose; those who are not afraid to wear white in the winter or boots in the summer. Jean Shafiroff is one of those who understand that fashion rules precisely because there are no rules.

-Lieba Nesis

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