Friday, November 30, 2012

Calvin Klein Spring 2013 Presentation

Cagey Calvin

Calvin Klein Spring 2013 Presentation
 Graphic stripes and black &white

Yesterday morning, I attended the Calvin Klein Spring 2013 presentation, held on the ground floor of 205 West 39th Street. Tall glasses of orange juice were served by waiters (I don't know if they were spiked with vodka or not), along with delicate, elegant looking nibbles. It was shown installation style on live models, and divided into different montages according to classification and color story. Cage like wide black bars formed the basis of seating (models relaxed, and reclined on them, making for a perfect photo op), and actually divided the sprawling space into different 'rooms'. There were also racks of clothes with coordinating shoes and bags, which enabled editors to get a better look (and feel), of the pieces.

Shirt and skinny pants in an art inspired abstract paint splattered print

The overall heading for the season is "The Modernist", which is hardly surprising, or a stretch, since the label (in all of its classifications) has long been the very essence of modern. And modern it was, owing to minimal, cool proportions, a youthful athleticism, linear silhouette, and an overall feeling of simplicity and ease. The appealing color palette was primarily based on black & white (whether in solid or done in graphic color blocks, stripes, and geometric, abstract prints and patterns), and it was often revved up with hits of strong pops of color (cobalt blue, viridan green, citron, spearmint). An art inspired, painterly print, which was used for a button down shirt and skinny pant, was a standout. Represented throughout, was a varied assortment of Calvin Klein men's and women's sportswear, tailored clothing, dresses, outerwear, footwear, handbags (hand held mini clutches, satchels, over-sized carry alls), eye-wear, and swimwear (the news is the racer back one-piece for women, and new short cut trunks for men).

Calvin Klein underwear
And what, may I ask, would a Calvin Klein presentation be without underwear and jeans, two of the label's most iconic divisions? The news (as for the former), is the launch of Calvin Klein Concept, introducing seamless technology construction for ultimate comfort, freedom, and fit. For men, it's all about masculine briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs in breathable microfiber and cotton stretch. 

Calvin Klein jeans

In terms of denim, the timeless, all American classic has been rendered more weightless than ever, with washes ranging from the palest to the darkest. While pale blue washed indigo denims form the basis of the collection, there is also black and white (skinny jeans, for both men and women, are treated with white washes: the height of pared down chic).

FYI, on our way out, editors were offered two gifts: your choice of one of three Calvin Klein Jeans sunglasses, and an abbreviated denim jacket in your choice of wash.

-Marilyn Kirschner

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