Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Four Most Powerful Men in Fashion?

A friend of ours asked me the other night who were the four most powerful men in fashion. I posed the question to my mostly fashion industry friends on Facebook last night, and here is some of choices: Jeffrey Felner suggested Francois Pinault,Terry Lundgren, and Ken Downing. Our editor Diane Clehane chose  Pinault, Arnault, Newhouse, and Terry Lundgren; Rosina Rucci was quick to say Arnault of LVMH was the real power behind designers like Marc Jacobs. A number of others suggested Ralph Lauren.

I personally would go for François Pinault the billionaire who owns PPR , Pierre Arnault of LVMH, Si Newhouse of Conde Nast, and Terry Lundgren the CEO of Macy's. Anyone else have any suggestions?

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