Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oscars 2008: 'The Last Word'

Who were the big winners and sinners at the fashion Olympics otherwise known as the Academy Awards? How did Jon Stewart do? What the hell was Ryan Seacrest thinking?

Read the definitive 'Last Word' on the subject by our entertainment editor Diane Clehane. Her entertaining and at times irreverent look at the awards is a highly personal take on what is going on through the eyes of this verteran insider.

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  1. one of the biggest event ever was the oscar awards which was attended by different and big time celebrities...if there's one thing who caught my attention was the red carpet queens wherein i've seen a lot of fashionable gowns...Anne Hathaway is the hottest i've seen

  2. My favourite was Penelope Cruz.....she is an abslute angel.....