Monday, September 17, 2007

One Night in a Lifetime

Fern Mallis, Margherita Missoni, John Legend, Irene Carroll, and Amanda Hearst. (photo courtesy of The Donahue Group)

The scene: Last Monday evening’s "One Night in a Lifetime" party, hosted by socialite Amanda Hearst, Italian model Margherita Missoni, and senior Vice-President of IMG Fashion, Fern Mallis, and sponsored by One Scottsdale. The setting: Cipriani's opulent 23rd street location in Manhattan. A red carpet leads past an abstract display created by co-sponsors Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue and into a visually stunning space, comfortably filled with an international array of "beautiful people".

DJ Stephane Pompougnac (photo courtesy of The Donahue Group)

This was one of Fashion Week’s most exclusive events. Guests mingled while sipping Bellini’s and dining on an endless seafood buffet done in incomparable Cipriani style. Large screens on either side of the main stage displayed images promoting the sponsors. Special guest D.J. Stephane Pompougnac, from the Hotel Costes in Paris, provided music throughout the night. Everyone eagerly awaited the highlight of the evening: a live performance by Grammy award winning singer John Legend.

One Scottsdale in the first real estate development property to sponsor Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The unique luxury retail and lifestyle project spans approximately 120 acres and is scheduled to open in 2009. This is their third time as a Fashion week sponsor and this season One Scottsdale was highlighting its partnership with the Ball-Nogues Studios to create a renewable arts installation in the planned community. According to Irene Carroll, General manager of the development, One Scottsdale will be "a canvas for artistic expression". Its backstage lounge at the Bryant Park tents featured images of Ball-Nogues designs, including a rendering of their vision for the One Scottsdale installation.

Shortly after 8PM, Fern Mallis was introduced and took the stage to speak about the relationship between One Scottsdale and IMG Fashion. She was followed by the aforementioned Ms. Carroll, Ms. Missoni, and Ms. Hearst, who introduced John Legend. The crowd settled into comfortable white sofas as Mr. Legend performed several of his songs, including the hit "Save Room".

After the performance, it was time for more Bellini’s as a selection of sumptuous deserts were passed throughout the crowd. Departing guests received copies of Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue, as well as a goody bag containing a bottle of Cipriani’s sparkling wine, Bellini mix, and the classic Harry's Bar Cookbook. Partygoer Sophia Falleroni of Alitalia summed up the affair:" It was a fabulous night. Everybody had fun. Everybody had a good time."

-Rhonda Erb

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