Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Gimme ‘Shelter’:

The well documented popularity - and interest - in all things related to the home, and the continued merging, colliding, and blurring of the lines within the worlds of design (fashion, architecture, home decorating, food), was a recent topic within my Thursday, May 4th New York Fashion Industry Report, “Interior Motive”. Coincidentally, the subject was also on the minds of several major publications beginning this week where it was the topic du jour.’s home page proudly boasts a brand new feature, ‘Our debut report from the Milan Furniture Fair’. When you click on for the entire story and slide show, you are greeted with the headline, ‘Interior Motives’ (hmm….just a coincidence and further proof that “great minds think alike”?) and continues with the observation, “forget hemlines and heel heights. Thousands of visitors recently flocked to Italy’s fashion capital to see the latest styles in furniture and home furnishings”.

And on Monday, May 9th The New York Post’s ‘Media City’ section bore the headline, “Living Blueprints” as the editors devoted the first part of their column to the stiff competition heating up between what is affectionately referred to as ‘shelter’ magazines. And in WWD’s ‘Fashion Scoop’ column on that same day, ‘Design For A Living’ discussed the admiration Reed Krakoff (Coach’s “creative director and an enthusiast of contemporary design”) has for the sculptures and furniture of Ron Arad. So much so, that the design focused Krakoff penned a book which goes along with the Israeli-born designer’s first exhibition and retrospective which was held here in New York in almost 20 years. In addition, Arad’s “carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb paper desk” sits in Krakoff’s office” on 34th street.

-Marilyn Kirschner

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