Thursday, December 09, 2004

‘Mixed Greens’

No, I’m not talking about salad. This Saturday from 11AM-6PM there promises to be an fun event, at Mixed Greens, a gallery in Chelsea at 601 West 26th Street, 11th floor, which is especially perfect if you are looking for gifts and want to find something that is not commercial or run of the mill.

Put together by Robin Goetz, the gallery provides the venue and organizes the event (with Robin’s help), and is comprised of a hand picked group that includes artists from the gallery. Amongst them is well-known vintage dealer Pink Wolman - who is the only one selling vintage wearables. And while her selection will not include clothing items, what she will have are accessories, including “lots of jewelry, designer and unique handbags, including alligator, snakeskin, leopard (both real and faux), designer scarves, neckties, and some fun cocktail hats. There will also be great vintage Pucci items, Gucci, Hermes, and fabulous signed vintage brooches and modernist jewelry.”

For more information contact 331-8888 or

-Marilyn Kirschner

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