Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Slobs..... or Snobs?

I found it interesting to note that in Monday's edition of The New York Times, in the section where they tell you what will appear the following day ("Tomorrow in The Times"), it was 'advertised' that Guy Trebay's 'Fashion' column, "Summer, Untucked", would be a report about the popularity of the "untucked shirttails"...you know, mens' way of "getting in touch with their inner slobs". That didn't sound too enticing to me.

But as it happens, there were no slobs or untucked shirttails spoken about or photographed in what turned out to be the main article: "Calvin Klein Introduces 400 to His Piece of Heaven", which detailed the sumptuous, luxurious, over the top, and perfectly 'perfect' soiree Calvin Klein threw at his new Southampton 'palace' on the beach, a scene complete with perfectly buffed bodies, beautiful male models, beautiful waiters from 'central casting' who were called upon to serve caviar....etc. In other words - it was exactly what you would expect from Calvin Klein and his well documented, finely honed aesthetic.

I guess someone in charge at the paper figured this would make for a better read on a miserable, dark, damp, rainy summer morning, than an article about men being, well, men!

Posted by Marilyn Kirschner


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