Thursday, June 10, 2004

'On Borrowed Time'

The CFDA Awards were covered by every major newspaper and website, and all of them (including ours) seemed to feature images of pretty much the same attendees - well known fashion names, celebrity editors, stars of stage and screen, and pop singers. And of course, given that the evening was all about clothing, we all focused on the pressing issue at hand: who wore what.

Fashionweekdaily's 'Daily Scene Investigation' even had an entire section devoted to just that - called "Who Wore What" - something they have previously done following high profile fashion events - where they give a detailed list of bold faced names and whose designs they were donning. Maybe next time, they should break it down according to who was wearing their own threads and who was borrowing for the night and call it, "Who Borrowed What".

Quite frankly, in view of how much borrowing goes on (and this IS rampant), I assume that the number of quests who were wearing something from their closet - or something actually PURCHASED- has got to be miniscule. Ironically, the ones that borrow are usually the ones who least need to.

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