Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Have Bag, Will Travel:

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and that means travel and beach season is upon us. And it also means another excuse to buy a bag (or two, or three). It is a well-documented fact that women can’t have enough bags - they fill many purposes and perform many tasks, and there are bags in every size, fabric, shape, and price range.

If you are always looking for that perfect beach bag - something that is lightweight, indestructible, practical, roomy, waterproof, inexpensive, AND also looks chic enough to tote around on the streets of Easthampton as well as Madison Avenue, head up to the 90th Street Pharmacy, 1260 Madison Avenue, 212 289- 9168. (Yup! In the very tony Carnegie Hill section of the Upper East Side, even pharmacies sell chic items).

Their assortment of weightless mesh tote bags made in Mexico by Mary Jane caught my eye because they are not the predictably saccharin sweet pastel hued or floral printed, but rather, graphic and classically striped or rendered in a very good interpretation of the traditional Burberry plaid (my personal favorite). Most are done in combinations of tan, black, red, and white, but there is also a version with an eye-catching lime green background. Trimmed with a wide band of black ‘patent’- including the hefty handle- they can fold up and be packed in a larger suitcase. Perfect for those trips where you need an assortment of bags but don’t want the extra weight.

Posted by Marilyn Kirschner

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