Tuesday, February 03, 2004

An Eccentric Moment:

Since Fashion Week begins on Friday, I was interested to read Ruth La Ferla's column in today's 'Fashion' section of the New York Times, ("The Moment in Fashion: Eccentric"), which was to deal with the 'divine inspiration' behind the upcoming fall/winter 2004 shows. And apparently, it has come from the "visually arresting images" which were recently captured on the pages of Vogue Magazine.

According to La Ferla, "one of the behind-the scenes influences on the trends for the season may turn out to be an unlikely source: a fashion spread from the October issue of Vogue "Mad About You", the 16- page feature photographed by Steven Meisel and conceived by Camilla Nickerson."

Of course, Ms. La Ferla may refer to the influence as "unlikely", but it was hardly "unlikely" to this editor, who has been known to dress rather colorfully and 'eccentrically' herself and who disdains the boring and predictable.

I was completely blown away by the entire layout, and it seemed rather likely to me that this pictorial would be influential on many levels. I was even moved to write a 'Letter to the Editor' which was subsequently published in Vogue's January issue:

"Bravo to fashion editor Camilla Nickerson and photographer Steven Meisel for the spectacular portfolio ("Mad About You") which captured the essence and joy of unexpected mixes and the inventive, irreverent approach to dressing. This should serve as inspiration to both designers and readers."

Marilyn Kirschner
New York City

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