Saturday, February 07, 2004

Don't Look a Gift Bag in the Mouth

Well it's too early to talk about trends or major fashion moments, but after day 1 of Olympus Fashion Week for fall 2004, I can dish about the freebies I've received so far. And to put it mildly, the loot could pass for props on 'Survivor'.

There is enough variety in the merchandise, to help me get me through the next 6 days of fashion shows comfortably, and quite frankly, the stuff can help me cope with almost any of life's future emergencies.

If I get lost looking for a show, thanks to David Chu, I have Nautica's fine looking black and taxi cab yellow compass to set me in the right course; if I have food stuck in my teeth and need to floss in between meals- no problem- with the Johnson & Johnson 'Reach Access' disposable easy flosser and refreshing 'Clean Burst' peppermint flossing kit put inside the bags at the Red Dress Collection. Also in that show's gift bags- some tasty Ethel M chocolates- perfect for hunger pangs caused by skipping meals due to the hectic schedule this week.

Need to freshen up? Thanks to Kenneth Cole, who left samples of his new perfume, 'Black' in pouches on the seats of his show, we will all smell just fine. What about the dry skin that's a by- product of being inclosed in those overly heated tents? The CFDA gift bags had several large moisturizers- including a very good one from Johnson & Johnson.

What to do if you've eaten a burger with raw onions and fear the worse? (you know, bad breath....) Altoids and FullFrontalFashion mints to the rescue (and luckily, samples from both were included in the aforementioned bag).

Want to flash your pearly whites for the paparazzi? Thanks to the Crest Whitestrips Premium dental whitening formula packs also included in the CFDA goodie bags, you will truly be 'ready for your close-up'.

And if you want to go incognito, just put on that black cotton baseball cap with the 'Song' airlines logo (yup- a Fashion Week sponsor)...that should do the trick!

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