Friday, October 17, 2003

--'Better Red Than Dead'

Speaking of the color red (as I have been lately), and the continued obsession with luxury handbags by customers throughout the world, there was a piece in yesterday's Page Six of the New York Post, that really amused me. Apparently, Stephanie Seymour was mugged in Tribeca by a bunch of thugs who asked her to hand over her purse (if she didn't want to suffer the consequences). The supermodel- who is married to billionaire Peter Brant- was not concerned with what was INSIDE her bag, but she refused to part with the precious bag itself, so she handed over her wallet instead and escaped unharmed, bag in tact.

The article did not mention the brand of bag she was carrying, but I surmised it MUST have been an Hermes bag of some sort. I was right- in today's WWD, they identified the bag as a tomato red Hermes Kelly bag. This gives new meaning to "Better red than dead."

Of course, speaking of red, the fab color didn't help the Red Sox win last night- but they still looked good!

-Posted by Marilyn Kirschner

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