Tuesday, October 07, 2003

'Best Western':

Okay, so Western did not really 'happen' on the runways for spring/summer 2004, as I had predicted (based in part on information that was passed on to me that the folks at Ralph Lauren were busily buying authentic Navajo Concha belts and turquoise jewelry in the Southwest to be used at last month's runway show). Though- Donna Karan and Alice Roi were two designers here who did cite the desert as inspiration, and integrated some Western ideas into their collections.

And in today's Milan fashion review written by Cathy Horyn for the New York Times, she singled out "Western-style minidresses, leather and suede jackets" within the collection presented by Roberto Cavalli. As she put it, his "inspired Cher-wear show of cowboy leather and showgirl feathers managed to be both cool and outrageous."

So- stay tuned for next fall. (If you think about it, fall is a far better season for the Western theme anyway, and Ralph is due for a reprival).

- Posted by Marilyn Kirschner

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