Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Publicist from Hell:

New York fashion publicist Pierre Rougier who reps such well known designers as Balenciaga, Viktor & Rolf and Proenza Schouler is back in the news for more of his bad behavior. This time Hintmag.com reports Rougier "had all his clients banned from Details this week after a screaming match with the magazine's editor, Dan Peres". A source for hintmag.com was quoted: "Dan called him an arrogant ass and said, 'I've lived in France but I've never met a bigger prick.'"

We don't like much of what the boys of "Chic Happens" reports but in this case they are right on the money. Pierre Rougier is a nightmare to deal with and is one of the most detested publicists in New York.

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