Monday, July 28, 2003

Bill Blass Fires Yvonne Miller

The late designer’s longtime muse, Yvonne Miller who headed up the company's pr department was fired Friday after 17 years with the company. In what appears to have been a power struggle between her and current designer Vollbracht who wanted friend Deborah Hughes to take over public relations for the fashion house appears to have led to forcing Miller out of the company.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Lana Mark's Belts Madonna

Palm Beach, FL - Madonna sings her newest single "Hollywood" in a custom made LANA MARKS Alligator Belt for the fall 2003 Gap Ad campaign. Choosing from hundreds of other belts, the perennial diva and fashion icon extraordinaire chose a custom made LANA MARKS navy alligator belt for her fall 2003 Gap Advertising Campaign.

If you turn to the last page (page 12) of the 'Sunday Styles' section of today's New York Times, you will see the full page ad which features Madonna clad in The Gap's low rise, pastel blue boot-cut cords, her wrists encased in millions of dollars worth of vintage jewelry, wearing the stunning LANA MARKS custom-made wide navy blue alligator belt slung around her hips. It is the ensemble she is wearing while singing her newest single "Hollywood" which will have its world premiere on Monday, July 28th at 8 p.m. on VH1.

The $790 belt is 1 ½ inches wide and was produced to the same impeccable standards as the LANA MARKS handbag collections. The signature contour belt is available in two widths. The signature buckle is interchangeable.

Having started her company fifteen years ago with a simple red lunchbox, the LANA MARKS collection now consists of over 150 designs available in 100 colors specializing in alligator, ostrich, crocodile, and lizard. All LANA MARKS designs are available at her shops in New York (645 Madison Avenue, 212 355- 6135), Palm Beach, Aspen, and Beverly Hills. Her multi-million-dollar business includes plans for additional shops in Miami, Las Vegas, Houston, Europe, and Asia.

Lana J. Marks said she is "honored to have Madonna chose her design. This is what makes all the hard work worthwhile".

Monday, July 21, 2003

Marilyn Kirschner to Appear on 'Main Floor' TV Show:

We just got the word in, Main Floor "Fifty Years of Fashion" featuring Mari Hayes, Rudy DiLieto and's editor Marilyn Kirschner is scheduled to air on July 26 at 1PM on WABC-TV.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

TO BE CONFIRMED Announces New York Dates for Upcoming Show:

(Press Release) New York, NY, July 10: To Be Confirmed (TBC), London’s hot trade show featuring the latest streetwear brands, announces their New York show dates for the Spring/Summer 2004 show: Sunday, July 20 through Tuesday, July 22. This summer’s show grows from two days to three, and will be held in a 60,000 sq ft loft space at 601 West 26th Street in New York’s highly celebrated art district. This will be TBC’s fourth New York show.

Designer participation is up 30 percent from the Fall, 2003 show held in New York in January. Over 120 designer brands from around the globe, including Adidas Originals, Nike White Label, Pred Perry, Oliver Spencer, Aem Kei and many more, will showcase their Spring / Summer 2004 men’s and women’s collections in July’s show.

TBC’s fashion trade show concept was designed to create a different type of show to give younger companies a chance to showcase designs in the company of a few strong collections, and not in the shadow of the big brands.

Brands are accepted based on which have the most select distribution and offer the most “progressive, non-commercial” look. “We get lots of start-ups, and even the more established brands bring their quirkier, more hip collections,” said Klosseck. “This show has everything for the retailer who wants to be 30 seconds ahead of the trend.”

The progressive and trendsetting collections in this exclusive boutique show are displayed in a hip and laid back atmosphere that combines business and pleasure to compliment the brands on display. The TBC show is unique, requiring that all exhibitors display their designs on identical raw industrial racks, remaining free of mass merchandising, typical trade show booths, and mass marketing.

Industry buyers, journalists, trend reporters and stylists will attend by invitation only. For a complete list of participating designers or other event related questions, please contact Quinto + Co. at 212.965.1146 or email

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Getting Into the NY Fashion Shows:

With the Spring 2004 New York Collections coming up in September many of our readers have asked us how they could get invited to the shows. The best advice we can give is to have them read the article "How to Get Invited to a New York Fashion Show" written for us by our friend and well known fashion editor Laurie Schechter. And though the article was written a number of years ago, it is as true today as it was when it was first written.

In addition, if you are interested in working at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2004 New York shows as a volunteer contact Patty Hughes, Volunteer Coordinator at T: 212-253-2692.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Merle Ginsberg Dumped by W Magazine

The New York Post reported today that Merle Ginsberg, the entertainment editor of W, the sister publication of WWD, was let go. The Post went on to report: "She was completely taken aback," said a West Coast pal. "Merle didn't realize it was coming. They blamed it on 'budget cuts.' But she has been somewhat disgruntled for a while now." Ginsberg had been lobbying for an assistant to help wrangle celebs for interviews and photo shoots. "Not only did she not have an assistant, she had to write all the features herself,"

Merle was entertainment editor for the last 11 years. She did some of the best celebrity interviews for the magazine and she is highly respected by her peers in the industry. A rep for W said: "Merle resigned to pursue TV and other freelance opportunities

But as one friend of ours said: "This isnt so shocking really. They (W) are notoriously cheap and Im sure she was getting' 'too big' for them. I wouldnt cry for her though, my prediction is she'll wind up with a coveted Vanity Fair contract or some big bucks from Us Weekly."

Editor's note: The NY Daily News reports "Former W magazine celeb profiler Merle Ginsberg has landed on her feet - as society editor at Distinction Magazine, an upscale lifestyle mag to be launched by the Tribune Company in September. "Nobody has paid enough attention to the Brooke Astors and Nan Kempners of Los Angeles, says editor-in-chief Laurie Pike."