Monday, June 30, 2003

Chic, Cont’d:

As I previously mentioned, the distinctive and original vintage Louis Vuitton luggage, steamers, hatboxes, and bags are much chicer than Marc’s newest items (that usually become ‘the must haves’ of the season), and are always collector’s items. I recently came across a beautiful set - some with original monograms- priced from about $1500 to $5000, at LoCo, a wonderful little shop in Easthampton, right on Main Street.

A relatively ‘new kid on the block’ (they opened in April 2002), this jewel is the brainchild of Edmund Lo, who stocks the space with a mix of approximately 70% vintage, 30% new merchandise. Among the items that caught my eye were the racks of impeccable vintage Puccis (no stains, no discolorations), Hermes silk scarf blouses, and the white patent Courreges cropped jacket that would have had Marc Jacobs doing summersaults. There are shelves holding new Hermes terry cloth beach towels and tables filled with pieces of vintage Murano glass from Venice. The store also sells coffee table books and some men’s items.

LoCo is worth checking out when you are on the East End this summer, or when in Palm Beach for the winter. But the good news is that they are also right here in Manhattan, located at 244 east 60th street, (212 980 1168).

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