Sunday, April 20, 2003

'Easter Parade':

Well, it was not quite like the idyllic Easter Parades of yore, or the 'Easter Parade' as seen in the iconic movie by the same name. I haven't attended an Easter Parade in several years, but decided to do so this year partially because the weather was so inviting. It was basically a sea of poorly dressed slobs, tourists, gawkers, and the predictable and expected 'takes '- but there were some bright moments. A young, adorable girl clad in a jeans jacket and a birdcage with a real bird chirping inside (see photo above); an elegant and very fashionably attired young woman (see photo) in a pastel cheongsam, elbow length gloves, and parasol; a few over the top and funny bonnets and corresponding outfits (see photo). Not surprisingly, the most 'dressed up' of the crowd were a pair of cross-dressers (see photo) who looked as if they had been studying recent runways and decided to pile it all on at once. Ahh, Spring in New York!

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