Friday, March 07, 2003

Paris Still Reigns Supreme!

Forgetting the city's politics and rude citizens, it is still the fashion capital of the world, and the place where great fashion moments seem to happen, as illustrated by the recent showing by Olivier Theyskens for the house of Rochas. Just when you thought 'the look' for the coming season is 'all about' an overtly hard edged, sexy woman, dressed very literally and predictably in her zippered black leather, slightly fetish over the knee boots, and skintight leggings - or a very literal and youthful translation of the mod 60's in her minis and white opaque tights, out comes a collection that as's Sara Mower put it, "wrought a small revolution - a decisive shift in taste away from the worn out provocations of edgy and sexual. In 20 minutes, he'd (Theyskens) blown the dust off the words charming and dainty and ushered in a whole new concept of feminine elegance and sophistication."

My suggestion: click on to to see Olivier Theyskens entire collection, and you'll see why. It's too bad these 'moments' never seem to be in New York!

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