Saturday, March 08, 2003

Launch Party for Bell' Italia Magazine

Friday night was the launch party for the premier Issue of Bell'Italia Magazine. It was held at the Museum of FIT where the exhibition on Italian fashion currently on display at the museum was also opened for the magazine's guests to visit. Bell'Italia publisher Amedeo Angiolillo, played host to several hundred guests who ate, drank, and had a wonderful time. Sponsors of the event included San Dominco Restaurant, Opici wines, Pernigotti Chocolates, Illy Espresso Liquors, Fernet Branca Liquors, and Monini Olive Oil. And as an added attraction parked just outside the venue was one of the new magazine's key advertisers - Maserati - displaying some of their latest models.

It was a very mixed and attractive crowd, with lots of industry people - trades, magazines, tv producers - some of whom we have not seen in years. Friends of lookonline included "Lisa No 1" from CFDA and "Lisa No 2" of IMG/7thonSixth, Ruth Finley publisher of Fashion Calendar, Ken Panton of, and old friend the model "Mariana" who looked just great. Mariana, in her heyday, was a top American model and the muse of the late fashion designer Carmelo Pomodoro.

We left with a generous "goody bag" filled with fine Italian foods, chocolates, liquors, olive oil, bottles of wine and of course copies of the new magazine. It was a fun evening and we wish Amedeo and his staff great success. A special "thumbs up" goes to Ian MacKintosh and his people for such a great job in handling pr for the event.

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