Saturday, March 01, 2003

'The Lady Vanishes' (NOT!)

Forget Mod! It looks as if dowdy chic is about to be a big hit again- never underestimate the power of a lady! Based on what Miuccia Prada sent out for Prada's fall/winter 2003 lineup, it looks as though the fine art of chic tailoring, classic tweeds, sober colors, refined and beautiful leather goods (from colored gloves to important handbags), and short lengths (for day AND evening) are sure to be the watchword for next season. Whatever Miuccia does, she endorses and puts a stamp of approval on what others have already done. Interestingly, Miuccia is among the many designers (like Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein) who completely ignored 'Red Carpet' creations, in favor of styles that are more in keeping with today's mood and the global world situation.

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