Thursday, February 20, 2003

Speculation is Fun: Who is Going to Replace Anna?
Who knows, but life is short and even stranger. Anna Wintour is at the top of her game, but if tomorrow she runs off with her boyfriend and becomes God forbid a Scientologist, or even worse a practicing Republican, who is going to replace her as editor-in-chief of Vogue?

It is like picking the next Pope. Who will the white smoke signal for next? So we are starting a poll. Our number one choice, at least who we think wants it the most and has spent ten years getting herself positioned, is Vanity Fair editor Elizabeth Saltzman. She has one of the sweetest jobs in fashion today. Of course, if she ever became the editor of Vogue she would actually have to do some work.

Anyway, Let us know who you think. E-mail us with your choice or choices. All responses are confidential. We will post the results of this poll if we get enough responses.

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