Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Continuing Highlights of the Week...

Michael Kors finally struck that perfect balance...finally, a show that didn't lean on cliches...retro, ladylike, sweet, edgy...Michael's shows have tended to be too much about just one idea, be it Aspen, California, Park Avenue Princesses, etc. This time it was unapologetically urbane, sexy, modern, and full of great items, which is what stores keep saying they are doing well with. All proportions were represented..he did long greatcoats and short mini versions...Some things were skinny, others were voluminous- but his proportions were always right on. The color theme, which was pretty much about black, was not dull minimal black, but sexy black. Many of his leathers had silver studs, there were fringed beaded pieces, and there were his usual great coats. This was dressed up sportswear at its best. Oh, and he nabbed Naomi Campbell along with her incredible legs and bod....Congratulations! - Marilyn Kirschner

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