Monday, January 13, 2003

Kate Bett's Safe "Haven"

The news that Kate Betts is working on a Time Inc. shelter magazine entitled, 'Haven' has led me to speculate that perhaps her prolonged time at home, away from an office after being fired from her job as editor in chief of Harper's Bazaar, has given her a keener understanding and appreciation of the home. It's been well documented that especially following 9/11, the home has taken on new meaning and become much more of a focus than in the past, and publications celebrating one's living environment are doing particularly well at a time where many others are suffering

And speaking about new publications, the soon to be launched 'Teen Vogue' sounds like a bargain hunter's paradise. Selling at just $1.50 a copy, the pages will be filled with affordable fashions, accessories, and beauty products. Even though it is geared toward the teen, that doesn't mean that bargain savvy women won't be able to find items that are both fashionable and inexpensive..

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