Monday, November 11, 2002

The Triple Pier Antiques Show

The annual 'rite' of fall -The Triple Pier Antiques Show, held over two weekends in November, (at the west side Piers) - kicked off last Saturday, November 9th. It must have been more than highly anticipated, as the crowd spilled out into the streets just waiting until 11 a.m. when the doors opened! While I didn't spot any designers on Saturday, I did bump into Geoffrey Beene and Koos Van Den Akker on Sunday - which is actually a much more civilized day to check out the booths.

In general, I thought prices were still fairly good- better than retail- but are creeping higher each season, due to the increased popularity of, and the consumer's acceptance of vintage. I must say, I didn't find anything that I wanted to write a check for...but there's always next weekend.

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