Thursday, October 03, 2002

Tina Brown's New Column Begins:

In her debut Times of London "Lunching in New York" column former Talk editor Tina Brown writes: "Between the summer's business scandals and the hyperactive stock market, half my lunch partners these days are doing, in handcuffs, the perp walk, filing for bankruptcy, or 'exploring new opportunities' and 'spending more time with their families', ie, getting fired."

Of course Tina knows just about everyone of importance in New York and runs into most of them as she lunches regularly at the Grill Room of the Four Seasons. I counted 14 big names she name-dropped in this first column - everyone from Steve Florio, Sam Waksal, Martha Stewart, Ken Lipper, Jack Welch, Thomas Middelhoff, to Barry Diller, Ron Meyer, Mike Nichols, and Robert Hughes.

I guess for Tina "you are who you know". Some things about this woman never changes.

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