Wednesday, September 04, 2002

The Photographer Lucian Perkins Extraordinary Runway/Show Photos:

Lucian's website is not to be missed. The photographer's reportage photos of on the runway and backstage simply elevates runway photography to a near art form. "The unexpected runway moment, the candid dressing-room expression, the steely eyed scrutiny of the front-row denizens. Runway Madness is a personal invitation to New York's infamous Fashion Week." The feel and beat of the shows is all there in these pictures.

Lucian received a Pulitzer Prize in photography in 1995 and a World Press Photo of the Year in 1996. He is a staff photographer for the Washington Post who has covered many world and national events - as well as the New York fashion shows for more than a decade. I met Lucian almost ten years ago when I was shooting the New York shows freelance for Nancy McKeon, then fashion editor of The Washington Post Magazine. He is a good friend of The Look On-Line and has even provided a link back to our site.

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