Monday, September 23, 2002

Photo of Shalil Upadaya, who managed to get
into every coveted show, even gaining front
row or second row seats----without an invitation
or press credentials (click on image for larger view)

The Joke's on Us:

In response to Christine Suppes' question, "what's wrong with this picture?" Plenty! There's a lot wrong from the way I see it, and the joke is really on us! Shows that started almost one hour late (including The House of Fields- thanks to Britney Spears' arrival), shows that should have never been staged (of which there were many...who needs a show for a few ragged t-shirts, where the members of the audience look better than the runway?), blaring music that is so loud it HURTS (is that to take your mind off the painful clothes that are being presented?), waiting around all day for something good (invariably, the most worthwhile collections were the ones shown at 9 pm), and....seeing a cartoon character (with no show credentials or tickets) grabbing front or second row seats! No wonder I am exhausted and frustrated after Fashion Week! For the record, Christine, I agree about Donna Karan.....I don't think it is the best time to be showing such a retro vision complete with platform shoes---I can't wait to see Donna traipsing around town in those! Oh well, of course, she doesn't have to take subways, or run for a cab- she has a car and driver at her disposal.

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