Thursday, August 08, 2002

Two New TV Fashion/Lifestyle Series to Preview This Fall:

(Press Release from Nancy Hirsch Group)

Attention all couch potatoes and fashionistas. Keep your eyes open for two
new syndicated urban fashion and lifestyle television series this fall: 'NGear
, a weekly urban fashion round-up show and Livin' Large, a magazine-format
series which chronicles the lives of the rich, hip and famous. The half-hour
'NGear will be the only place on TV where urban teenagers can find out about
the fashions they care about. Meanwhile, Livin' Large will be an hour-long
cross between Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and MTV Cribs. Male model
Tyson Beckford is signed on to host 'NGear, while Carmen Electra and Kadeem
Hardison will be hosting Livin' Large.

CBS Channel 2 will be carrying 'N Gear and UPN Channel 9 will be carrying Livin' Large. For more information on either show, please contact Nancy Hirsch Group at 212.683.7525 or

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