Thursday, August 22, 2002

Easy Come, Easy Go:

The vintage 'craze' shows no signs of letting up, with customers reportedly still seeking one of a kind, unique items, and designers still looking for vintage 'inspiration'. But while a Didier Ludot boutique is set to launch at Saks Fifth Avenue in early September (in case you don't know, he is the well known Paris based vintage expert, whose shops there have become meccas for those in search of past Chanels, Diors, Schiaparellis, Puccis), there is one recent casualty- Henri Bendel is closing their Resurrection Vintage Boutique. When I made a trip to the store recently, the Resurrection section, which was once a large shop on the 4th floor- and is now a Rick Owens boutique- was moved to a small corner, and has dwindled down to a rack of 'on sale', picked over items. As a salesgirl told me, "the customers just weren't looking''. Let's hope Saks fares better with their new venture.

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