Thursday, June 27, 2002


(Received via e-mail) NEW YORK, NY June 27, 2002--Reflecting the special interest orientation of the Internet, young adults have thousands of favorite Web sites according to the Zandl Group, a New York-based trends research firm.

By category, the favorite web sites of young adults, ages 18-24:

Search Engines/Portals 15%
Sports 11%
Entertainment/News 9%
Porn/Fetish 9%
Sophomoric 9%
Shopping/Auction 8%
Community 5%
Cars 5%
Games 3%

Entertainment/News 26%
Community 21%
Shopping/Auction 10%
Search Engines/Portals 9%
Games 4%
Sports 2%

Source: 1000 young adults, ages 18-24, who are members of the
Zandl Group Consumer Panel, a nationwide network of
3000 young people between the ages of 8 and 24.


Based on their favorite Web sites, many guys approach the Internet as a
source of adventure, mischief and information. For girls, it's more about
community, gossip and shopping. For girls in search of community, for
example, it can be about staying connected (e.g., family ties
(e.g., ethnic identity (e.g. or even getting
married (e.g.


Nearly one in five guys admitted that his favorite Web site was devoted to
porn or sophomoric humor (and traffic to these sites indicates that many
more are joining them in their transgressions). When some guys should be
working or studying, they may be found at:

"Babes have always been a sure-fire way to catch the young male eye, which
is why they remain a fixture in advertising and promotions," noted Irma
Zandl, president. "But to catch the attention of guys accustomed to the
uncensored titillation in cyberspace, the approach will have to become more
hardcore. A bikini will no longer be enough."

ABOUT: The Zandl Group provides trend analysis and
marketing direction for businesses and advertising agencies
including The Coca-Cola Company, Bacardi-Martini,
General Motors, Bath & Body Works and BBDO. The
Zandl Group also publishes THE HOT SHEET, a bimonthly
trend report covering developments in the youth market,
including lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and food/beverages.

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