Monday, June 03, 2002

Fashion's 400 Club

There couldn't be any more controversy or publicity surrounding tonight's CFDA Awards, than there already is. The more scaled down, more intimate event has been the constant subject of articles in all the newspapers. In today's New York Post, the CFDA's new executive director of the designers group- Peter Arnold - was interviewed by Lisa Marsh, and he admitted that because they are celebrating the organization's 40th anniversary, "we want it to be 40 years of people who contributed significantly to the fashion industry." It may be true that "twice as many members will be attending", but the star factor is still of upmost importance....Lauren Bush, Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz, who are invited guests, are hardly people who have made 'significant contributions' to the industry, let's face it.

And speaking about the awards, who is wearing what will be the big question, and the subject of countless pictorials. Though I don't know what Anna Wintour has decided on, I can bet the one label you won't see her clad in is Prada....

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