Wednesday, June 05, 2002

The 2002 CFDA Awards

If I never read or see another article on the CFDA Awards, it will be too soon.....enough already! In terms of whom wore what...from what I have seen in WWD, and on (see all their 'red carpet' photos here), my pick as 'best dressed' are Cecilia Dean in black vintage Chanel couture, and Anna Wintour, taking a breather from her usual, skinny, slip dresses, who wore a romantic, floral printed, multi flounced mermaid style floor length skirt by her good friend Oscar de la Renta for Balmain Couture, paired with a simple yet elegant black satin Calvin Klein top. By the way, in a recent New York Fashion Report, I predicted that she would not be wearing Prada (and we all know why), and most likely would don something by Oscar. Disappointments included Hilary Swank in droopy (I am referring to both her boobs and the sack style dress) Marc Jacobs, Grace Coddington in boring black tuxedo pantsuit (sorry, but I think something a bit less masculine and dour would have looked better), and Lauren Bush, who wore her own design (which was executed by Tommy Hilfiger). But by far the worst dressed, was Hillary Clinton in an unflattering, big, puffy- sleeved black number, which looked like the dress she wore to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Ball last spring, celebrating the Jacqueline Kennedy exhibit. Re-hash or not, Oscar should have vetoed that choice. Just a note, I am surprised not to have read or seen pictures of the 'Muse of the Moment' Carine Roitfeld, whose every fashion choice seems to be the subject of much interest.

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