Friday, April 19, 2002

Woolite threw a 'little' lunch at Le Cirque to celebrate its 50th anniversary, and the official launch of their 2 new products: Woolite Dark Laundry that helps maintain the color of black and dark laundry (perfect for us black clad urbanites) and Dye Magnet dye trapping sheets that helps trap loose dye in the wash. Isaac Mizrahi was special guest, and was the après luncheon entertainment. In addition to the various questions that were fielded to him by those in attendance (including Bridget Foley and Terry Agins), the one that was most timely (in view of all the current hoopla over Guesquiere), was asked by our publisher, Ernest Schmatolla, "How do you feel about designers copying other designers?" His response? He first quipped that he really "didn't know", but then went on to say,"I copy designers all the time... but I hate it when designers copy me". He also recalled how one of his most "favorite" collections was practically a line for line copy of the designs of Oleg Cassini! Well, I've got to hand it to him- at least he's honest!

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