Saturday, April 13, 2002

Well, I will chime in for the first time. I think it is really Ghesquiere, and all the editors that have hailed his Spring collection as so brilliant and "original" the ones who should be "embarrassed". The book, "Native Funk and Flash" has been out for over 25 years and anyone who takes the time to research the history of ALL fashion (including the book "Art to Wear" by Julie Schafler-Dale) was not surprised by the Balenciaga revelation. If you copy someone else's work and take credit for it to the tune of millions of dollars, the consumer eventually has every right to know they are being duped and made to look like a fool. Was Watergate irresponsible reporting? Was exposing MIlli Vanilli? It's time to focus on designers who have something trully original to offer and if it can be said that nothing is original, then fashion must take a much deeper look into the cause of the disease and not just its symptoms. Reinterpretation is fine. Copying to the last thread is really not.

And as a woman who BUYS fashion and fits into the exact target demographic that all these modern fashion houses aim for, I am thrilled to see the truth come out.

Maybe there is a little, umm, too much time spent blasting other magazines. Wasn't it Elsa Klensch in her interview with Marilyn Kirschner the one to say, "Don't worry about other people's products"? Wise words indeed.