Tuesday, April 09, 2002

The news that Julio Espada is out, as head of design for the recently LVMH acquired house of Pucci, is hardly a surprise (especially to me). I have been saying all along, that he would not last....and that the last thing this company needed, if they were really trying to recapture the aura of its hallowed legacy, is a designer who wants to downplay signature splashy prints and colors.

And in case you were wondering what happened to former New York Times fashion reporter, Constance White, who did a brief stint at Talk Magazine when they first launched....she is a correspondent on MetroChannel's newly expanded 7 days a week FullFrontalFashion. During the hour episode I watched last night, she appeared in two slots, reporting on a variety of trends, news, etc. In general, this show has improved since their inception...they seem to want to pack it with clips, interviews, fashion shows, and assorted newsworthy snipets.... Perfect if you are a fashion-a-holic and can't get enough of the subject!

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