Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Poor Anna Wintour...I wonder how it feels to lose your status as a world class muse? It seems the new editor in chief of French Vogue, Carinne Roitfeld, is now the paparazzi's favorite front row celebrity, garnering lots of attention for her style (well, she was Tom Ford's Gucci 'stylist' for years). Time was, Anna's 'bob' was the most celebrated hairstyle among editors...well, it's been replaced by Carinne's trademark edgy, choppy, straight, cut that almost obscures her vision. And Kal Ruttenstein, who had once admitted to using Anna Wintour as his 'muse' and inspiration, has changed his affections and his attentions to Carinne (he told WWD that she has the "best legs and the best shoes".) Ahhh, such is life at the top!

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