Monday, March 25, 2002

I was disappointed by much of what I saw on the red carpet at the Oscars. I was expecting more from Nicole Kidman...pretty pink Chanel, but with all the choices she had, I was expecting to be blown away (and wasn't) ...Halle Berry is hands down, the most gorgeous star in Tinseltown, but her illusion top dress was a bit too obvious and predictable...she doesn't need all of that to augment her beauty and sex appeal. But Jennifer Connelly is the new 'it' girl...great actress, gorgeous, and never makes a fashion mistake (as far as I can see so far). Loved her Balenciaga...the pale coloring, and the slightly 'tattered' style was a welcome relief from gratuitous see through, glitz, and beads. And the chic scarf was a wonderful change from all the blinding (and borrowed) jewels. She is a class act, and a fashion plate to boot! Worst dressed? Two way tie between Gwyneth in her black mesh top by Alexander McQueen: it looked like something you would see at a gym in Hoboken...and how unflattering it was with her braless droopy, tiny 'boobs'! Her bad posture didn't help, nor did her braided hairdo. The other? Cameron Diaz, whose hairdo looked like something the dog left over for breakfast...surely she can afford a hairstylist. The floral Ungaro wasn't awful, but it wasn't really great either. Maybe these women have too many choices of what to wear, and it becomes too overwhelming for them.

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