Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Go over to Style.com: Shop where Candy Pratts Price pitches her latest must haves of the moment - you know "the things you never get tired of wearing" like a Bulgari "Tubogas" wrap bracelet watch in 18-karat gold for a mere $19,600; why not stock up and buy two? Or a Mikimoto Cultured-Pearl Strand "Every girl needs a string of pearls, and matinée length is the best. Any shorter and it will look chokey and childlike." price: starting at a mere $3,220; or a Hermès Black vernis Kelly bag - price on request. Price on request? Enquiring minds wanted to know! We called Hermes Order at Hermès stores (212) 751-3181 and they connected us to the handbag department. We asked the nice lady who answered the phone how much was the bag, describing it as best we could from the picture on the website, and she told us it was about $4300. She said they do keep a couple of the black bags on the selling floor but if we wanted to order another style or color the waiting list was about a year long. We then asked her the 64K question, was anybody calling her from reading Candy's column on Style.com asking for information on or buying the bag? "No" she answered, saying there were no calls from anyone mentioning they saw the bag being offered on Style.com website - and she was the one to know if, in fact, there were any such calls coming in. She was not even aware that Style.com was promoting their bags on the site. Not that Hermes needs any special promoting, but since Hermes advertises in Vogue the editors may be giving them a free plug on the website. It does sort of make us wonder just who Candy and the Style.com editors thinks is reading her column?

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