Monday, February 25, 2002

Speaking of Gwyneth.....YUK!!!!! After having read Plum Sykes' revolting 'homage' to her, ("The Power of a Fashion Icon") I can honestly say that I will never be a fan. It was truly nauseating....from the endless pictures, to the dizzying description of the contents of her closet (including all the free furs, jewels, and couture clothing she was given, many in multiples, never worn, with labels still intact). But most revolting, is just how obviously taken she is with herself. I can't count how many times she used the word 'me' (''it's'', ''that's kind of me'', etc. etc. etc. She even had the gaul to admit that a commercial on tv really bothered her because she felt they were ''ripping'' off her style ("I saw one the other night for an outlet and it was completely dressed up in my kind of style...I was like, hey wait a minute, that's kind of me.") Unbelievable...Gwyneth, just so you know, you didn't invent style. Plum Sykes referred to the star good naturedly as 'the world's classiest label slut'. Well, in my opinion, it takes one to know one!

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