Thursday, February 07, 2002

it does my san francisco heart proud to read the praises of the GAP by marilyn--and while i thought i'd never be unfaithful to my levi-strauss blue jean obsession (i love my levi's like some people love the sf 49ers or the giants) i want to recommend Seven jeans. they are pricey ($115 and up) but when you wear them, you won't need a facelift, you'll look so hot! with high heels and a chiffon vintage blouse, you will be killer--some guys i know are even wearing them! they are low low low and cut just questions asked---you will be the coolest one on the scene. just look at michelle pfeiffer on this month's cover of InStyle. photo shop aside, that's quite a tribute to the "ageless woman of a certain age", and check out the jeans she is wearing! in paris this january, a stylist tried to buy mine right off me, and i enjoyed the way the french were checking my jeans out all over the place, trying to figure out what brand they were!

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