Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Did anyone else watch Judy Licht interview Bill Blass on MetroChannel's Behind the Label on Sunday Night? Great to know that Mr. Blass has really recovered from his throat cancer---he still looks great. I liked the part where he took fashion editors to task, for dressing in boring and funereal black all the time. He said he couldn't stand it when he came onstage after his show had ended, and looked out at the audience, to see a 'sea of black' He has been quoted as saying that in his opinion, rich women don't wear black- though he ackowledged that it is a very New York 'thing', and the little black dress is forever. And he singled out Anna Wintour for her refusal to wear black, and her love of color. His designs are indeed 'forever'. I recently found two fabulous Bill Blass for Bond Street coats from the 60's, which elicit compliments from strangers when I have worn can't say that about too many things these days!

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